A discreet, and effective way to sell your property without the neighbours knowing!!

At Alexander Lewis Estates we understand that many potential home movers are hesitant about putting their property on the market as they cannot find the right onward purchase, or they just don’t want to publicly advertise their property.

This creates an issue however, as those choosing to sit and wait for the right property to come along are in danger of missing out. The market is moving very quickly, due to relatively low numbers of properties coming to the market, and so the right properties and quality homes sell very quickly - often snapped up by other buyers that have already sold their own properties.

At Alexander Lewis Estates we have a solution – “Low- Key Marketing”

This is how it works…we order the EPC (if needed) prepare the particulars, and book our professional photographer in to take exceptional photos. Once this is done we bring your property to the market on a discreet low-key basis. Only fully vetted buyers selected from our database, who are willing to wait for you and give you time to find an onward purchase are notified.

When a suitable onward purchase is found, you have the advantage of having a buyer in place, meaning that you can secure that dream home!

In the unlikely event of us not finding a buyer or agreeing a sale via this method of marketing, we will at least be ready to quickly market your property in the usual way.

Many of our clients have found this an excellent way to start the process of moving home. It takes all the stress out of it, and there is no risk or cost as our fees are only payable upon completion – so should for any reason a suitable property not become available no fees are payable.

To find out more about this innovative and unique approach to marketing your home, please contact us.